Discovery vs. Invention

I am reminded from time to time that man does not invent everything. Many things simply exist, and it almost appears that we were allowed to discover them. Take for example things like the placement of our planet in just such the right way to allow our scientists and astronomers to study not only our own vast solar system, but also neighboring ones. We could have been placed anywhere on the galactic spectrum, but we just so happened to end up with a birds eye view with which to enjoy the heavens.

Take also for instance mathematics. I am no genius when it comes to algorithms and geometric proofs. But even I can tell that 5x5 would equal 25, whether or not human beings came into existence or not. Stop and think about this for a minute. What this means is that an extremely large, accurate sub-system of numbers and patterns exist in our world, by which not only can we figure out certain physical laws, but that we can also project data well beyond our own sphere of understanding, so much so that we often are left uttering things like, "this can't be true", or "that is simply amazing." Incredible minds like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have no explanation for it; they are in awe.

The point is this: mathematics (the multiplication table for example) existed before we did. Man did not create it, we just discovered it. How amazing to stumble onto something so powerful and ordered. Just like DNA and the physical laws of the universe, this points to an intelligence that is doing the ordering. If not, then we are extremely lucky - dare I say ridiculously lucky. But then to calculate luck and chance, we would need math.



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