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The Importance of Being Still

Americans seem to be obsessed with time.  Look around.  It doesn't take long to see what I am talking about.  We rush off to baseball games, soccer tournaments, football games, and wrestling matches.  We go to work each day; most of us have a prompt start time.  We must attend meetings and phone calls on time, or there will be consequences.  We schedule birthday parties with strict start and stop times.  We run frantically here and there, passing by people and places in a blinding flash to make it to our next function - if we even notice the people at all.  Anyone who doubts this need only visit a foreign country to notice in an instant that culturally speaking, they often think of time with a much more lenient attitude than we do.  

It wasn't long ago that I found myself sitting in a church ministry class where the teachers were discussing the importance of spiritual disciplines.  On this particular day, we were tasked with the discipline of staying still and silent for five m…

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