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Listening for Spiritual Truth

It is so very, very easy to become distracted in our culture today.  We often spend much of our time going back and forth to activities for our children (or grandchildren).  We spend time trying to keep up with the Joneses, keeping our house clean, trying to be a good employee.  It is no wonder that many of us don't have much time leftover to delve into spiritual things or Biblical truth.  In fact, I think it is much easier to come home after a long day and drop into bed exhausted, relieved just to be home. 

 I will always remember one evening in particular; a memory that stuck out in my mind so much that I enjoy recounting the story to this day.  I was at a function organized for some of the children in the community out at the local country club.  It was set up in order recognize achievement - and they always had a free meal.  Parents would bring with them loads of food ... lot's of good stuff and plenty of desserts.  This particular evening was no different, there were tabl…

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