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Every Good and Perfect Gift

I am writing this article in the month of May, surrounded by talk about high school and college graduations.  It takes me back not only to my own college graduation from the University of Iowa years ago, but to a particular story from my time there on campus.  I absolutely loved going to school in Iowa City.  It was always so full of hope in the spring time when returning students would meet up with new students - the town would literally swell to twice it's normal population.  Hopeful anxiety hung in the air as we shuffled off to begin a new set of classes with new students and different teachers.  

One thing that all of us were afraid of, however, was that time of year when the tuition bill came due.  It happened periodically throughout the semester, and there was always the worry that maybe this time my student loan allotment wouldn't quite cover the amount.  As you can probably surmise, there was just one such occasion when it didn't.

That particular semester, my univers…

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