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The Nicodemus Effect

I remember a time when I used to make fun of people who used cell phones.  Twenty years ago, they were large and bulky, not very attractive at all.  I remember thinking to myself that it would simply be easier to use a normal land line to place a phone call, and that people who toted around cell phones were basically showing off.  If the person wasn't home when you used an old fashioned phone, then just leave a message.  Easy, right?

When I first began dating my wife, I noticed that she carried just such a mobile phone.  It was large and bulky in my opinion.  But she took it everywhere with her, and I started to notice just how handy it was.  As time went by, I found myself at a local Sprint store, standing in line to purchase two new "flip phones."  They were only thirty-five dollars each (as long as we signed up for a data plan of course).  Overnight, my communication niche had changed.  But there was also a learning curve as well.  These handy little things had quite a…

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