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Defending the Goal

As I write this, my middle child's travel soccer season is wrapping up.  He loves to play, and it has been a joy coming with him and cheering him on during the games.  Typically he plays defense, so he is in the back quarter of the field making sure that no one from the other team can charge through the line and score.  But one Saturday in May, my little guy got to put on the goalie gear and actually defend the goal.  I saw nothing but joy beaming from his little face as he took his position in front of the net.  It was time to get down to business!

I struggled to catch my breath from the sidelines, hoping and waiting for him to steal the show.  It was just as emotional as watching him swing away from the batter's box during one of his little league baseball games.  

The first soccer match was a success, as he was able to stop almost every drive toward the goal.  The second game, however, was much more difficult.  We were outnumbered and out-gunned.  I was equally proud of him d…

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