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Eating Healthy in a Junk Food World

Let me start by saying that I'm not much for fad diets.  I believe that the constant losing and gaining of weight, and going on and off of diets throughout a person's life can have negative consequences for your health in the long run.  But that said, five years ago I had reached a low point in the food consumption arena.  That's my euphemism for confessing that I had a problem with junk food.  My wife saw this and brought it to my attention, and together (with much cajoling needed on her part) we began what is known as the 'Whole 30' diet.  Nothing fancy, just common sense eating.  The idea is that we were to eat only whole foods for a month.  No extra sugar, no sodium, no dairy, etc.  Just the healthy stuff.

Within that thirty days I had lost twelve pounds and an inch off of my waist, so we decided to keep going.  Another three months later, and I had lost a total of 25 pounds.  My skin was starting to clear up, I could sleep easily at night, and I was able to sto…

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