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Good Enough for God

Every now and again, I enjoy indulging in an activity known as paintball.  It involves groups of people dividing up into teams and chasing each other around a large open field.  There are specialized weapons involved that fire small projectiles made of different colored paint.  The force and the speed by which the paint ball deploys from the barrel of the gun is adjustable, but generally speaking - if you get hit by enemy fire, you will know it!  It is actually an excellent way to spend an afternoon.  With the proper safety equipment and the right group of friends, it is difficult to find a more enjoyable activity.

On one particular occasion, one of my good friends invited us out to his property for an afternoon of mock combat.  After suiting up, it was time to choose teams.  We let the kids decide, and my middle son was elected team captain.  Sides were quickly chosen, and it was time for the captains to pick individual team members.  Would my son choose me for his team?  Suddenly I w…

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