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The Near Death Phenomenon

Every so often we hear about NDE’s (near death experiences). I typically avoid discussing these types of things, as they are really more or less subjective experiences.  It is often up to the person listening to decide whether the account is believable or not. I haven't had one myself, and there also isn’t usually much in the way of physical evidence - other than the fact that there may be some medical records that corroborate the person actually died. In fact, a good many people who were brought back to life after some type of medical event report seeing or feeling nothing when they were gone. As we are entering the twenty-first century, we have medical advances such that people can (and are) often resuscitated shortly after they flat-line. An interesting thing has occurred in light of this.  Namely, that as modern medicine has become more proficient in bringing people back from death, accounts of NDE’s have also gone up proportionately.  Ask any hospice nurse and they will…

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