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The Great Penguin Rescue

Our annual family vacation this year led us to Panama City Beach in the panhandle of Florida.  My wife is an expert vacation strategist, and this summer getaway was one of our best.  Great hotel on the beach, good food, and moderate ocean waves all coalesced to form a much needed retreat from the real world.  All good vacations must come to an end however, and this one was no exception.  As the week wrapped up, our entourage loaded up the vehicle and drove away from the resort that we called home for the last four days.  We were sad to see it go. 

We decided to make one last stop at a local tourist shop on the way out of town - about three miles from the hotel to be exact.  After all, one cannot be expected to visit far away lands without indulging in some consumerism, right?  It was definitely souvenir time!

On the way to the store, my youngest son noticed that we had packed everything ... except his penguin pillow pet.  What is a pillow pet you might ask?  They are the incarnation of…

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