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A Children's Book

My wife and I had a plan for New Year's Eve this time.  In addition to making a few of the normal resolutions for 2018, we decided that it was time to go through our children's pile of old toys in one of the back rooms of our home.  It was an impressive stack of minutia to say the least.  An old tennis racket here, a stuffed animal there.  The task seemed daunting at first glance, but it was simply time for some of this mess to go.  It was a new year after all, and this was our chance to herald it in with some organization! 

As we all began pitching in and sorting through this stack of toys, I happened upon an old book that I used to read to my daughter when she was very young.  You may have heard of it, the title is 'Eight Silly Monkeys.'  I was glad that we had established the rule that no books were to be disposed of prior to the clean out.  We would save this one for sure.  It wasn't necessarily a profound book, but just a kids' story about some animals jum…

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