Bible FAQ: Did You Know....

Remember David from the Bible? Of course you do! David was one of the most beloved of all Israel's kings. Some scholars though had denied that King David was a real historical figure. They thought he was just a creation of the Old Testament. Their skepticism changed, however, in 1993 when an excavation at Tel-Dan in Northern Israel revealed the now famous stone tablet with an inscription referring to the House of David.

In 1994 two more of these fragments with the same inscriptions in Aramaic were found; again mentioning the "House of David." In 1995 Time Magazine ran an article based on this discovery. The writing and inscriptions were dated to the 9th century B.C., just about one century after David's rule. The article expressly stated that, "the skeptics claim that King David never existed is now hard to defend."

Not bad for a "mythical" character in the Bible, who some thought never existed. It would appear that he actually left a mark in history, he actually had a home. We can be grateful that the Bible is a historical document, as well as an exemplary show of Faith and Truth.



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