God is in the Business of Love

Don't believe demons exist? Think Jesus was just kidding or being "metaphorical" when he discussed demons in the Gospels? If so, the documentary film Furious Love by Darren Wilson may cause you some discomfort. Released to DVD on May 5th, this film is the sequel to Wilson's Christian sub-culture hit Finger of God, which was basically a presentation of miracles caught on tape.

Furious Love however goes deeper. We don't just see people get healed on video, and get to enjoy the surprised looks on their faces. We get to see what God is doing to combat spiritual darkness in some of the most anti-christian places on Earth. Wilson travels from Salem, Massachusetts (home of the old Salem witch trials), to New Age festivals, and even goes over seas to capture Christian revivals in unlikely places. All of which provide him with more than he bargained for. Viewers will see people being delivered from demons, accepting Christ, and being healed.

Like his first film, Wilson begins by easing the viewer into the notion that spiritually dark places actually do exist. Then as the film progresses, he hits home with some very powerful interviews with missionaries who have survived graphic and horrible religious persecution and lived to talk about it. Wilson's main point in the film (and apparently God's also), was that the most powerful weapon for combating our present day spiritual plagues and afflictions is simply... Love. One man is even quoted in the film as saying that people who hold Biblical knowledge as the most important thing are actually committing idolatry! Because the thing which should be held above all else is Jesus Himself. Bad news for modern day Pharisees.

This is an interesting film. I enjoyed and agreed with the sub-premises that lead to the main thesis. 1.) Christianity is a relationship with Christ, not a set of rules. 2.) If you are looking to condemn non-Christians for their unbelief, then you have already sinned by passing judgement. 3.) Everyone deserves God's love, especially the culturally unlovable.

If you aren't a Christian and you watch this film, your worldview may not necessarily be shattered -- but it will make you think. Definitely worth watching.



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