Driscoll on the Evil that Men Do

Mark Driscoll is a pastor in Seattle at Mars Hill Church. This mega-church that now sports thousands of members, started from small potatoes and humble beginnings. It has become one of the fastest growing churches in America, in the least churched state in the country. Why? I have a feeling it is because Driscoll as the head pastor isn't afraid to speak the truth and preach even the difficult aspects of the Bible. I have included the video bit below not just because it is shocking (though it is that), but because you never see this sort of thing anymore in churches. I doubt that it would be a good idea to adopt this style of preaching as a regular thing, but something tells me it must have been necessary here.

Driscoll is preaching on young men that have abandoned any and all Biblical leadership and responsibility in their lives. They are mistreating their girlfriends and wives. After the shock value of the footage below wore off; I was left wondering what the faces of those individuals must have looked like in the audience. If they deserved this lecture, did they know it?


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