Modesty, Where Have You Gone?

Okay, I can't believe it, but I have added a video from American Idol to my blog. It may be time for me to hang it up after all!! Seriously though, click play below and watch this audition for a young man named Kris Allen. He has since gone on to record professionally, and I have no problem with his singing. What caught my attention was the advice that young Mr. Allen receives from the panel of judges. Quite frankly... it's awful. As Christians we know that to follow God is to be humble and open to teaching and reproof. Pride is the anti-God state of being. Listen below to how Simon & company exhort Kris Allen to nurture a state of 'stardom' and get rid of his modesty. Is this what our T.V. generation is learning? Is this what they aspire to? Wow!



  1. What's great is that Kris did not listen to their advice. Even though he won American Idol and has started a successful career, he consciously works to stay humble. One of the songs he co-wrote and is on the bonus track of his Kris Allen CD that can be bought at Wal-Mart is called, "Send Me All Your Angels." In it, he asks for God to send him His angels because, "vanity is sure to come, and I don't want to come undone." Here is a link to a video that shows work from his recent mission trip to Rwanda put to this song that he is singing.

    Kris doesn't talk about his faith a lot, he just lives it. Another great song on his album is "I Need to Know" which was written during a crisis of faith while he was on the American Idol summer tour. Basically, he cries out to God because of the circumstances he finds himself in. My prayer for Kris ever since he won American Idol is that he will be protected from those who would want to use him for their own agenda, be that those in the entertainment industry or well-meaning Christians who want to make him do something God has not called him to do. I love his music and the positive example he is to the world of how Christ's love can shine through our lives.


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