Can We Survive Atheism?

I have included a video below of up and coming Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll talking about Atheism. It isn’t that he presents the information in a new light, so much as he seems to hit the mark regarding the logical end of this belief system. There is a lot of energy spent on debating whether or not God exists, but not as much energy spent on the psychological effects of believing that there is no one out there that truly cares about you. The symptoms are similar between people who have once had faith and for some reason lost it, as well as with people who have come to atheism from the beginning. Why does America have so much depression and anxiety? In our race to become so intellectually advanced that we don’t need God anymore, we have exchanged Him for a little pill, or a self-help positivity book, or whatever.

Driscoll discusses the truth that if atheism is followed to its philosophical conclusion, then the items below must be true:

* we are ultimately alone
* our existence came from nothing (we are happy accidents)
* we have no real purpose
* this life is all there is
* everyone we know will eventually be forgotten
* we are a temporary blip on the radar screen of the cosmos, nothing more

I’ve said this before, but if this seems a little too depressing and ugly – it’s because it IS! Human beings were not designed to exist as independent and detached entities. Plugging into anything other than God is only a temporary high. Money, success, hobbies, work… you name it; the rush only lasts so long. Even human romance is fleeting. But when we are plugged into God we find a force to sustain us in a different way. Never boring (remember I’m talking about the living God – NOT religion), always faithful. This may sound like more heart-tugging and less like science & logic, but it is more than that. Check out the evidence in favor of God, look around at the other posts on this website even. There is reason to believe that there is something in which we can put our trust and faith, and that it won’t let us down the same way everything else can. It’s amazing what happens when we realize that our existence actually matters.



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