New Sermon: "My God, My God... Why?"

I recently gave this sermon message at church. It was from a series entitled Famous Last Words, outlining the last few sayings of Jesus while He was on the cross. This sermon seeks to unpack the meaning behind this famous Scripture in Matthew 27; "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" Upon first researching this topic, I thought that it had only to do with suffering. I was wrong. Christ gives us an outline to follow, in order to make sure that if and when suffering does come into our lives - we know how to handle it. It ties in with the Old Testament. It ties in with our humanity. It ties in to the fundamental questions surrounding this mysterious passage in the Bible, and the reason that God temporarily abandoned Jesus on the cross. I have included a graphic showing you were to go, after you have clicked on the link below the picture. Enjoy!



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