Living in a Finely Tuned Universe

I have included a video link below of noted Christian scholar and philosopher William Lane Craig discussing the facts leading up to the reality that we live in a finely tuned universe, which contains a planet Earth that is so incredibly engineered to support human life, that it almost becomes silly to propose the strictly naturalistic notion of multiple universes and/or "world ensembles" to explain away this engineering. Although Craig becomes a bit wordy in his discourse below, the facts still stand. Many scientists (though not all) begin the question of why our universe is the way it is by skipping the most important question. In fact regarding the anthropic principal, they would say that man exists and the universe is the way it is, just because. Or in effect, since things are the way they are already, then what good does it do to ask the question "why" at all? Just accept it and move on. This strikes me as missing the point in a very large way. Because we are in fact here, and the universe exists the way it does, this should promote the question: how do we explain a world in which all signs point to fine tuning and creation? Click below and enjoy:



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