Ricky Gervais on Religion...

I came across this video of actor/comedian Ricky Gervais giving his thoughts on religion and God. Ricky is most noted for his role as the bumbling boss on the BBC sitcom "The Office." That show was enormously successful and showcased his talent for being funny. You will note in the video link below, however, that there is nothing funny about his falling away from God.

His honest feelings may be coming through here. An emotional experience started him on his journey away from Christ. Some confusion about where the need to be spiritual comes from is also present. The main thing I noticed was his admission that he still lives according to Christian values and morals, even though he has renounced Christ. I don't think Ricky's position is too far from many people in today's world. It deserves serious answers from thinking Christians, and we must not criticize the views of people like this. He is not the aggressive and brazen atheist denouncing God in every facet of existence. He is just a person needing the peace of a creator - like the rest of us. Click below to view this short, interesting video:



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