The Author of Love

Where does love come from? Is it a human invention? Is it simply a collection of emotions like butterflies in the stomach, or is it something more? Different people have different definitions of love. But I think that if we dwell upon the subject for any length of time, we must come to the conclusion that it is more than just a “feeling.” Although going on a first date can provide us with that nervous stomach and romantic fireworks emotion, it doesn’t last forever. This is simply the honeymoon stage. What comes after is more interesting. And I think we can agree that what comes after is more like an act of the will, as opposed to an ooey/gooey feeling.

This I think is how the love of God works. In the Bible He lists out for us numerous examples of love both given and received, and usually it involves a decision of the will. For example, deciding to make sacrifices for your children even though it may be detrimental to yourself. Deciding to stay with your spouse through difficult times, when it may seem easier to cut and run. Remember the Israelites in the desert? How often did God probably want to throw his hands up regarding humanity! But still He is a faithful God.

Now please don’t assume that by this new understanding of love that it is somehow less than strictly an emotional definition. The two go hand in hand to some extent. But the main thing is this: that God loved us enough to sacrifice the life of His Son on the cross for us. It is one thing to imagine that this sacrifice was purely mythical or symbolic. Another thing entirely to come to realize that it actually happened. That Jesus was actually flogged by Roman soldiers. That the nails used in the crucifixion on Calvary were real. It is this love that God has for us, if we are willing to accept it. I am glad that the author of love will accept people if they desire Him. Even more glad that He will accept me!


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