Appetite and Existence

We are provided an interesting clue to the origin of man when we think about the relationship between desire and being satiated. Consider first some common scenarios that we have around us from which to choose. Appetite or hunger for example. If I am hungry, it is because I lack something within myself (namely food), and I can point to the reality of an outside source -- a pork chop, a salad, etc. – which will satisfy this hunger once I have indulged. There is also the example of being physically too cold or too warm, if you will. Our bodies are set at a certain temperature (this varies slightly for different people of course) from which if we stray too far in one direction we will be too cold. Too far in the opposite direction, we will become overheated. As such there is a balance or an ideal which exists on our planet that meets this need we have regarding an acceptable temperature range.

If we go a little more abstract, we can talk about the need for companionship for example (either social or marital). Although many of us have different levels upon which we communicate with others, almost none of us would be happy living alone in a box with no connection to the outside world for the rest of our lives. People need other people, we need companionship in some form. I would also argue that this need/fulfillment relationship goes farther than the statement “it would be nice to have a friend in my life.” No, I’m afraid that it is actually a need. We can see from just a few of these examples that there are certain things operating in this world and within ourselves that have a need vs. satisfaction relationship. In other words, we have the need as human beings because there are people or objects or things outside of us that we can direct these appetites toward, and thus become satiated.

Now let us take this another step farther. We have no desire within us which does not have an object or source with which to satisfy that hunger. Isn’t it natural or logical to conclude that because man most certainly has the need to apply meaning and purpose to his existence, that this hunger or need has an object outside of itself by which it can be fulfilled? In other words, since we have the craving for God in our lives, for something higher, or better, or more moral, or more fair - could we not assume that there is a God which can meet this need? If not, then we must make arguments for things like evolution creating within us the need to lead more fulfilling lives. We must thank the first amphibian that grew legs and crawled onto land for the yearning for purpose. We must look to the first warm pool of chemical sludge in the Pre-Cambrian period for our morality. If one seriously attempts to do this, they end up in an argument of words without meaning: “Morality is what we make it, truth is whatever works for you, etc.”

No, I’m afraid that man is not simply a Cosmic Joke. We are called to be more than that. There is a reason that you and I are programmed to look for something greater. A reason that nothing in this world ever really seems completely fair or just. A reason that no matter what law is passed, or what initiative is set forth, human error can still unravel it. Let’s face it. We have a notion of perfection planted inside of us, it is left to God to meet that need. Until He is present in our life, we remain incomplete.


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