Progress on The God Circle Book

Just an update on the progress of my book.  I was able to procure the help of a local editor and I am happy to announce that the second draft of The God Circle: the Search for the Logical Christian Faith is complete!  I think I may have underestimated how much of a process something like this can be.  Nevertheless, I hope to be nearly complete (and maybe even published) in 6 months. 

I wanted also to extend a big THANK YOU to all who have supported this project.  From the people who have screened the original manuscript and given me feedback, to my wife who has had to stomach listening to me talk about it constantly.  Keep an eye out for this book soon.  I intend on having a dedicated website set up so people can order it easily, as well as an internet "advertising" campaign.  But most of all, I think this book will succeed through word of mouth.

Thanks again for reading!

- Jon



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