Stay in Your Lane

The excerpt below was taken from one of my good friends and spiritual mentors. Hope you enjoy it:

1 Kings, Chapter 1

These scriptures illustrate how Adonijah attempted to set himself up as King over Israel & Judah. Solomon was David’s choice, but Adonijah and his people tried to undermind David and Solomon. Adonijah decided he, not Solomon, should be King after David’s death.

He got chariots and horses, gathered his entourage, sacrificed animals, and had a big feast. He didn’t invite Solomon or the others that ordinarily would have been there, if in fact, he were supposed to be the King. When David heard this, he set things in order. He had Solomon anointed and to sit on David’s throne.

At this news, Adonijah’s entourage dispersed, leaving him alone. He was afraid because he had done wrong, so he went to the temple and held on to the horns of the altar. He knew that Solomon could have him killed for what he had done. In the end Adonijah bowed before Solomon and his life was spared.

Just like there can only be one king over a kingdom, there can only be one pastor of a church. Anyone that tries to set themselves in the office of pastor, divide the church, usurp authority and create disharmony, is asking for trouble from on high. God has something for each of us to do in the kingdom, but we can’t all be the king.

1st Corinthians 12, teaches us that we are one body with many parts. We can’t all be hands or feet, and there can only be one head. I challenge you to seek God for the assignment He has specifically for you, and then give that your best. For I also read that if you are faithful over a few things, God will make you ruler over many.

Yours in Love,

Min. Lacinda McClendon



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