Hitchens is Hedging his Bet

I have recently learned (along with the rest of the world) that the famous, outspoken atheist and author Christopher Hitchens has cancer. His prognosis isn't good. Hitchens maintains that there probably is no God, and even if He did exist, His creation and endeavors are nothing to brag about. In one of his books he refers to Faith and religion as poison. He is published, successful, and adored by his fans -- and now he is dying.

I do not think this is good news, nor is it humorous. It is not a check in the "win" column for theists by any means. Hitchens was a good debater and a formidable opponent. Let's face it, he sharpened the Christians apologists. I have included the video below because in it (I think) he begins to drop the "atheism routine" to a degree, and simply expresses those same emotions and thoughts that anyone in his situation would have. He is the most subdued and reserved that I have ever seen him here.

At the end of the interview he maintains that he will in no way become "redeemed." He will never accept God. There are hundreds of prayer groups wishing him well. I will also wish him well. In Christ, death has no victory, and true believers have experienced the difference Faith can make. May God perform a small miracle for this man who has berated His good name at every turn, and in so, showing that no one is outside of the Hope of salvation until they take their last breath. There is still time for Christopher Hitchens to repent. Let's pray that he listens to God in the weeks to come.


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