Why Are We Here... And What Are We Supposed To Do?

We are here on this planet to love each other, to help each other, and to develop our walk of faith with God. Most people have no problem with this. Here is the other part… God has in fact provided a way that we can 1.) get to Heaven, and 2.) live fulfilled lives even while we are still on Earth. That Way is through Jesus Christ. He is God’s provision for mankind. Once we do the hard work of admitting that just maybe we may have sinned and fallen short of the 10 commandments in some way during our life, that we just may need forgiveness for these sins, and that we can accept the reality of Jesus – we are reconciled to God. In other words, the Goodness of God that is contained in Christ can begin to exist in us. Until this point we are just privy to a small part of “the Truth”. Some people never get over this hurdle. Many people stay in this comfort zone their entire lives. I would implore you to at least check out Christianity. Not necessarily church, or even the Christian down the street (that should treat people nice, but doesn’t) – but to investigate the New Testament and Christ. There is help available to you as you begin the difficult work of repentance (turning away) from those areas in your life that are not holy.

If any of this has made sense in any way, and you are interested in actually knowing God and being certain that your default destination IS Heaven, then pray the prayer below. Whisper it to yourself and mean it in your heart:

“Dear God, I understand that I am a sinner and in need of your forgiveness. I accept your son Jesus into my heart and into my home. Please come into my life, and save me into Heaven.”

If you have prayed this prayer sincerely, God will react. You may not see fireworks or hear harp music, but you will be reconciled to God from that point on. You are now what people called “saved”! So what is next? Follow up. Get yourself a Bible, talk to another Christian who can answer your questions, and most importantly…. PRAY. You are in store for an incredible journey…


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