The 10 Commandments... Do They Still Apply?

Remember these things?!?! Here is a quick review (and yes they DO still apply today). My own interpretation follows each item in parenthesis:

1.) You shall have no other gods before me (worship the one true God please!!!)

2.) You shall have no graven images (don't worship something man-made)

3.) Don't take the Lord's name in vain (use your own name to curse please, not "Jesus Christ"!)

4.) Remember the Sabbath (go to church on Sunday, not to work)

5.) Honor thy father and mother (respect your parents, after all they changed your diapers!!!)

6.) Thou Shalt not murder (this also means don't harbor anger toward someone else)

7.) Thou Shalt not commit adultery (this includes lusting in general!)

8.) Thou Shall not steal ('nuff said)

9.) Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor (no lying please, we have enough politicians already)

10.) Do not covet (appreciate what you have, you don't need your buddy's stuff)


  1. I think the commandments still apply, what has changed is how we follow them. while hundreds of years ago, honoring your mother and father, may have been marrying a person that would elivate your familey in society; now that is considerably less likely. Now it's more likely to honor them, by taking care of them in the regression of thier old age, or taking on a trip with you.
    The commandments stand, how we exercise them has changed.

  2. It is important to understand that while all of the Commandments do still apply, they are, as Christ said, summed up in the greatest two:
    1) To love the Lord your God with all of your being (the first 5 Commandments), and
    2) To love your neighbor as yourself (the last 5 Commandments).
    It is also important to note that Christ fulfilled the Sabbath by saying that we are to find our rest in Him. So we still are to remember the Sabbath (Christ) and keep Him holy, but this Commandment never meant (by our calendars) Sundays; if anything, Sabbath began at sundown on the sixth day.
    Honoring our father and mother is meant more as an expression of our obedience to and respect of God than our human parents. There are several provisions in the Bible that speak to the human parent/child relationship that don't always involve blind obedience or respecting wishes.

  3. Thank you to both Phil and "Anonymous" for your thoughtfull posts. This is the good stuff!


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